The Mobile Phone is a facility offered to all the guests in Nati’s House. You can give the number to friends and parents.
The Mobile Phone allows us to call you for urgencies, important communications and it is useful for brief sms in the case you need information or simply for continuing our correspondence also during your stay. We prefer sms or e-mail rather than speaking: our English is not so fluent and we could loose some important parts of your speech.
Actually our guests are invited to leave at least the same amount of money they have found at the beginning of their stay. Using this simple gentleman agreement it will be possible to use the phone in any circumstance. We can’t charge the credit before the arrival of our guests. You will be able to do it following our simple instructions left inside Nati's House and the direction of the English-speaking operator.
Please consider we will not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by inadequate use of the phone or for unsuitable use of confidential information registered by the phone set if you forget to erase it.

The Internet connection is a facility offered to all the guests in Nati’s House on demand. At the moment of booking, in any case before the last payment, guests may choose to have the necessary password to get the WIFI flat connection. The facility implies an extra cost of 5.00 Euro/day. The option is valid for the whole stay. Of course you'll need to have your personal laptop. You will have detailed instructions about how to connect your computer to the web.

Please login the "reserved area" in "The house" section of this site to download:
a) the policy and instructions for the use of the mobile phone;
b) the policy and the instructions for the use of the internet connection.
All these documents are also provided into the apartment on your arrival.